Reasons Why Groningen Is Called Little Amsterdam

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If you think of Netherlands probably the first city that comes to your mind is Amsterdam – the capital. It doesn’t surprise me. I am also a big fan. It’s a top city with lots of things to offer. However, Amsterdam is not the only place where you can lay back and feel vibrant atmosphere. I am sure there are plenty, but I want to turn you on to Groningen – the city I visited this year.


I was pleasantly surprised when I first got there. Despite the fact that Groningen is relatively small city there all plenty of things going on all year round. There are not many touristy stuff to do, but in my case that was a definite advantage. Thanks to that, the city is not as crowded as Amsterdam and you get a chance to explore it more freely. Still Groningen keeps up with high standards in terms of entertainment and distinct events.



On top of that, the city is built around canals, adapted to the high number of cyclists and its architecture is typical of other Dutch metropolies. It comes as on surprise that it’s dubbed Little Amsterdam.

Groningen-4834 Groningen-4850 Groningen-4830

Groningen is also a university city, so you cannot complain about the nightlife. Pubs, bars and clubs with different kinds of music can satisfy all tastes. What’s more, there are many concerts, parties and other events that guarantee you will not get bored with nightlife routine.

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Groningen has also something special for food lovers. Three times a week the main square transforms into a huge city market where you can try and buy Dutch delicacies, ranging from colorful vegetables and fruits, through fresh fish to mouth-watering cheese.

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Art fans will also find something interesting in Groningen. Beside remarkably street art that can be found throghout the whole city, you can also visit some galleries and temporary exhibitions that are held regularly there. I was very lucky this time, as I came on the last day when World Press Photo 2015 exhibition was open.

Groningen-4886 Groningen-4901 Groningen-4808



If I can’t convince you, I’m sure my photos will :)

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