Grand Palace in Bangkok – Yay or Nay?

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Grand Palace is one of the main tourist attractions of Bangkok. And you can feel it before you cross the main gates. I’m not sure how many people visit this place daily, but it must be a 4-digit figure. Combining it with intense heat coming from the sky it might spoil your Grand Palace tour. Nevertheless, I think it’s still worth your time and effort, but you should get prepared for all the nuisances.

DSC_5325_editedThe entrance fee to the whole compound is 500 baht ($14), which is not a bargain for Thai prices, but worth investing if you have a few hours to spare. Grand Palace starts accepting first visitors at 8.30am and the last guest can enter it by 3.30pm. I don’t think there is a perfect time to avoid crowds, but in order to avoid the worst heat I recommend to go very early, or before the closing time.


Except for the time of your visit you should also consider your outfit. Despite, white heat you can’t really let yourself to wear revealing clothes. Dresscode is very strict in Grand Palace and you have to obey if you want to enter. I highly recommend to get yourself loose long pants and a t-shirt that covers your arms. Cotton would be probably the best as it will let your skin breath. Neither flip-flops nor sandals are allowed, however I saw a few people wearing them. For girls – don’t wear leggins. I’ve learned it the hard way that you can’t put them on. If you happen to forget dress properly, you have to borrow (for free, 200 baht deposit) some clothing to cover body parts. Wearing both leggins and a dress-like piece of material was not the best on that weather. I can tell you. So better get yourself a proper clothing.


The most important, though is to prepare for the Grand Palace experience mentally. Just have in mind that there will be loads of people around you and the heat might sometimes be untolerable. However, you will always have a spot in the shadow to take a breath before further exploration.

DSC_5344_edited DSC_5341_edited


Despite all the inconvenience, visit at Grand Palace is worthwhile. The mixture of colors, forms, statues and architecture styles is stunning. Your eyes will not be disappointed. Just look at the photos!

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