Erawan Waterfalls in the National Park – Little Paradise

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Erawan National Park is famous for its seven waterfalls that attract crowds every day. Many toruists frequent there to take a little hike up to the highest waterfall and swim in clear blue water at each level. The park has rich wildlife however except for lizards and fish you will not see many animals around the waterfalls area. This magical place is one of my favorite spots in Thailand so far where I can actively spend my day and chill out in the nature. As it is also close to Bangkok, you can go there for a one-day escapade to escape noisy urban life.


Walking to the first three waterwalls is easy. The path is flat up to the third level, but afterwards the trail gets steeper. There are many slippery stones and sometimes you need to go across a stream, so comforatble shoes are highly recommended. I saw people wearing flip flops or sandals who struggled to climb on the rocky trail. If you don’t want to sprain your ankle don’t follow their footsteps! At almost each level you can jump into the water and bath with the nibbling fish which can give you a natural pedicure for free! The fourth level has a natural rock slide.

The trail is open from 8am to 5pm so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the magical spots in the Erawan National Park. Entrance fee to the park is 300B ($8).

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How to get to Erawan National Park

Buses from Kanchanaburi go to the visitor center from early hours in the morning till 4.30pm. It takes approximately 1.5 hours and costs 50B ($1.4) one way. The two last buses are usually packed so make sure you’ll get back to the visitors center a couple of minutes earlier.

If you travel from Bangkok you can either take a bus from Sai Mai Tai (southern) or Morchit (northern) bus station. Buses from Sai Mai Tai leave every 30 minutes from 5am till late evening. The first bus from Morchit leaves at 6am and the last one at 6pm. They go every hour. It takes about 3 hours to arrive at Kanchanaburi bus station where you can catch your shuttle to the park. Ticket for the bus costs 100B ($2.5) from southern bus station and 120B ($3) from the northern bus station.

You can also consider taking a train to Kanchanaburi. There are only two trains: 07:45 and 1:55 and the ride takes around three hours. The price for foreigners is 100 baht. However, bus is more comfotable and convenient option as you get of right where buses to the Erawan National Park leave.

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