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6 reasons to visit Budapest

/ December 22, 2014/ Europe, Hungary, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Hello folks! Welcome to my next publication about another European capital. First of all, I’ve got one advice for you. If you have ever considered visiting Budapest, don’t think about it, just go there. It is totally worth it. I think the city is underestimated. At least it was in my eyes before I went there for the first time. However, my suspicions were somehow close to the truth. When I was there, sometimes I got the feeling that the city stopped in the late 90′ and was living its own pace. This factor restrained me from picking it as my destination. It was a mistake. Budapest is a mixture of spectacular, intact architecture contrasting with a grey communistic accent and exceptional, vivid nightlife. Have I already convince you to go there? If not go on reading the article.