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Visiting Alhambra of Granada – the Pearl of Moorish Culture

/ November 6, 2017/ Europe, Spain/ 0 comments

The Alhambra is an essential pilgrimage of tourists visiting Andalucia and the World Heritage site that locals can be proud of. Built on the top of the hill, overviewing the city of Granada, the fortress consists of numerous palaces, gardens and maze of alleys. If you’re nearby, the Alhambra is a must-visit, not only for the art or history enthusiasts. The entrance to the whole compound costs around €15 and it’s worth every cent. Book in advance though. The Nasrid Palace, the most splendid one, has a limited number of daily visitors.

Reasons Why Groningen Is Called Little Amsterdam

/ December 29, 2015/ Europe, Netherlands, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

If you think of Netherlands probably the first city that comes to your mind is Amsterdam – the capital. It doesn’t surprise me. I am also a big fan. It’s a top city with lots of things to offer. However, Amsterdam is not the only place where you can lay back and feel vibrant atmosphere. I am sure there are plenty, but I want to turn you on to Groningen – the city I visited this year.

Iceland Adventure in 72h

/ December 23, 2015/ Europe, Iceland, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Last year, when I left Iceland after 7-day amazing adventure I promised myself that I will come back. I didn’t think, though, it would happen only 12 months later. Sooner than I expected I stood on the same land again, revisiting spots that I had already seen and exploring new places. This September I went to Iceland for 72-hour road trip, which at the beginning seemed a bit crazy. Who goes to Iceland for such a short time? I do. And I do not regret this decision. I had 3 intensive days full of magical moments and unexpected adventures.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Prague This Year

/ July 10, 2015/ Czech Republic, Europe, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

I loved Prague so much, that last summer I visited it twice. It is a lively and charming city. Czech people are open, friendly and eager to have fun with foreigners (there were a few exceptions though).  Streets are riddled with quaint cafes, pubs, restaurants and talented artists. At every corner you can get cool hand-crafted stuff like jewelry, paintings or home decorations and the rhythm of the city is played by top street musicians. It is all spiced up with great beer that the country is famous for. Read on below and see what you should do and see in Prague.

Travel Norway on a Shoestring Budget

/ June 8, 2015/ Europe, Norway, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

I guess I am doing something wrong when it comes to travelling. My budget is quite tight and I really need to start putting my money aside, so I should wisely choose destinations that fit to my financial situation. But no. I chose Norway – the most expensive country in Europe, where you spend insanely huge amount of money on literally everything. If that was not enough, I went to the most expensive city in the country, which makes my behavior even more illogical. Stavanger happens to be the center of the oil industry in Norway, so already high prices are even more pushed up. Many of my friends who have visited Norway before me claimed that you cannot really save up on anything. The only way is not to spend at all. But unless you want to spend the whole trip at the airport it’s impossible. Thus, I was prepared for the worst. It was not that bad though. Altogether the 3-day trip cost me around $130.

21 Visual Reasons To Visit Poland

/ May 6, 2015/ Europe, Poland, Travel Journal/ 2 comments

Hi there! I have neglected my blog recently. Apparently I have traveled more in the past few weeks than had time to spare and to catch up with my photos. Before I dig myself out of a pile of photos from the past trips, I want to share some beautiful shots from places that are much closer to my heart.

Virtual Trip to Paris on the New Year’s Eve

/ March 4, 2015/ Europe, France, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Some say it is the city of love. Others see it as the city of fashion. For me it was definitely the city of art and insanely huge amount of tourists. I visited Paris during the New Year’s Eve and the number of people per square meter was way too big. However, it is totally worth going there during that time. Actually Paris is worth visiting at any time of year. Quoting Auderey Hepburn “Paris is always a good idea”!

6 reasons to visit Budapest

/ December 22, 2014/ Europe, Hungary, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Hello folks! Welcome to my next publication about another European capital. First of all, I’ve got one advice for you. If you have ever considered visiting Budapest, don’t think about it, just go there. It is totally worth it. I think the city is underestimated. At least it was in my eyes before I went there for the first time. However, my suspicions were somehow close to the truth. When I was there, sometimes I got the feeling that the city stopped in the late 90′ and was living its own pace. This factor restrained me from picking it as my destination. It was a mistake. Budapest is a mixture of spectacular, intact architecture contrasting with a grey communistic accent and exceptional, vivid nightlife. Have I already convince you to go there? If not go on reading the article.

6 reasons why London is the best place to visit [Gallery]

/ November 25, 2014/ Europe, Travel Journal, United Kingdom/ 0 comments

Welcome back! Long time no see. After my last four posts I had difficulties to write once again. Lack of inspiration? Maybe… Iceland is hard (or impossible) to beat. This country inspired me to set up this blog and I haven’t experienced such incredible scenery as I did there. But hey! There are many more places in the world that are also worth visiting and worth taking a shot!

Iceland – a Country With More Rainbows Than People [4]

/ October 31, 2014/ Europe, Iceland, Travel Journal/ 2 comments

This is going to be the very last part of this set of photos. However, it is my favourite one, as it includes one of the most amazing things, I’ve ever experienced in my life. What was that? You will probably figure it out when you see the picture, which in fact cannot reflect the real beauty of this phenomenon even in one percent. Every journey has its beginning and has to come to an end. So did this one, but the ending was the best I could have ever imagined – magical as the whole Iceland.