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Khao Yai National Park – Plan Your Best Jungle Experience

/ February 5, 2016/ Asia, Thailand, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Khao Yai National Park is the oldest and most remarkable national park in the country that offers its visitors a unique experience of getting close to the wildlife. Beyond numerous species of reptiles, birds and insects you get the chance to admire wild elephants, nimble gibbons and adorable macaques. There are more than 50 kilometers of trekking tours winding in the steamy jungle where except for impressive fauna and flora you can find numerous majestic waterfalls. Not many people know that one of them was a place where they shot Leonaro DiCaprio movie – The Beach. Most of Thailand’s visitors connotate the film with popular paradise-like island – Koh Phi Phi.

6 Things I’ve learned About Thais That Helped Me Understand Them Better

/ January 29, 2016/ Asia, People & Culture, Thailand/ 0 comments

Thailand is a very interesting country in terms of culture and customs. People here have totally different mindset than the one I’m familar with back home. After a few weeks that I’ve already spent here I can draw some conclusions based on observation of Thai people, and their behavior. I met many Thais from various backgrounds and of distinct characters. They are all somehow different, but they share many qualities that make them alike. These feature can help you understand Thais more profundly and thanks to that make communication with them much easier.

Things You Cannot Buy at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

/ January 27, 2016/ Asia, Thailand/ 0 comments

This is going to be a very short entry, because it might be really hard to find something you cannot buy at this enormous market in Bangkok. Chatuchak weekend market is open, as its name indicates, only at weekends and provides both locals and tourists with every product category they can think of. Thus, if I were to give you examples of goods that cannot be purchased there, I’d have to leave the space empty:)

No Floating Boats at the Taling Chan Floating Market

/ January 23, 2016/ Asia, Thailand, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

On the Saturday morning I visited one of the floating markets that are around Bangkok. As it was a first shot I decided to go for the closest one that can be easily reached by public transportation (air-co bus). I did enjoy the trip, but it wasn’t not something that I expected from a thing called floating market.

Grand Palace in Bangkok – Yay or Nay?

/ January 18, 2016/ Asia, Thailand/ 0 comments

Grand Palace is one of the main tourist attractions of Bangkok. And you can feel it before you cross the main gates. I’m not sure how many people visit this place daily, but it must be a 4-digit figure. Combining it with intense heat coming from the sky it might spoil your Grand Palace tour. Nevertheless, I think it’s still worth your time and effort, but you should get prepared for all the nuisances.

Koh Chang – a paradise-like island for everyone

/ January 12, 2016/ Asia, Thailand, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Koh Chang is the second largest island of Thailand and it definitely should be on your list when you’re around. It’s still not so developed in terms of tourism as neighboring islands, but you will not regret a few-day-escapade to the island. It is big enough to accomodate large number of travelers and satisfy different tastes. On top of that, it offers plenty of attractions that would break your lying-on-the-beach routine.