6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Prague This Year

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I loved Prague so much, that last summer I visited it twice. It is a lively and charming city. Czech people are open, friendly and eager to have fun with foreigners (there were a few exceptions though).  Streets are riddled with quaint cafes, pubs, restaurants and talented artists. At every corner you can get cool hand-crafted stuff like jewelry, paintings or home decorations and the rhythm of the city is played by top street musicians. It is all spiced up with great beer that the country is famous for.

Read on below and see what you should do and see in Prague.

1. Incredible and charming architecture

First reason why you should consider visiting Prague is its entrancing atmosphere. I’ve probably mentioned it before that I am no art maven, so I usually cannot tell the difference between different styles, in the case of European architecture in particualr. However, I can appreciate its beauty and effort that designers put in creating it.




Combination of different old architectural styles and lively vibes are especially remarkable in the evening when all these sights are beautifully illuminated.

DSC_3168 DSC_3179 DSC_3028DSC_3016 DSC_3017

2. Top live street music

I am really sensitive to quality music. To such an extent that touching piece can easily make me cry. Especially when it is a live music. In Prague, at every corner there are musicians of all kinds. Guitar players, classic orchestras, folk groups, jazz vocalists etc. On top of that, they are all gifted artists who, in my humble opinion, should be world-famous voices. Unfortunately, I am not the one to decide on this.


What’s more, the live music combined with enchanting narrow lanes create incredible atmosphere. You can either enjoy it sitting outside and drinking home wine or having craft beer in a local brewery.

DSC_2926 DSC_2990 DSC_3065

3. Beer is cheaper than soda

Literally! If you hit an average bar and order a big beer you will pay less that if you order a coke or any other soft drink. And the beer is actually really good. You can pick between breweries that sell freshly made ones or bars which serve dozens of kinds from beer taps. My favorite one, called Prague Beer Museum, offered a “desk” of 5 or 10 smaller glasses filled with your own combination of beers picked from a menu. Thus I could try more different tastes.

DSC_2648 DSC_2737

4. Artists are everywhere

Similarly to Paris, which is considered to be the capital of street art, Prague is also a hospitable place for artists of all kind. It is clearly visible when you stroll on the cobbled streets. Except for musicians that brighten your visit in the city, there are also hundreds of painters who portray Prague from their own perspective.

DSC_3144 DSC_2801

4. Incredible city views from many points

Location of Prague is characteristic for most of the European big cities. It is situated by the river on the numerous hills. It means that you can climb to any of them and enjoy the view on the whole city from any side. The nice thing about it is that even if you walk up the highest hill, you would only see the red roofs of old tenements extending to the horizon.

DSC_2977 DSC_2979 DSC_2954

5. Top parties till early afternoon hours

Except for cool bars, Prague also offers plenty of clubs with music for every taste. I do not advise to visit the ones that are recommended in the tourists guides. They are usually overcrowded and you need to wait ages in the line. There are many more that are popular among the locals and offer better experience. Most of them are open till early morning hours, but there are also clubs for after parties, that opens in the morning (like 6-7) and offer entertainment for those who eager more party when others normally start work.

6. Best coffee for hard mornings

One of the best coffees I’ve ever had is served in Můj šálek kávy, a lovely cafe situated a little bit outside of the city center. Except for the aromatic coffee, you can also have breakfast or homemade cakes. Great place to enjoy your mornings in this amazing city.


Naturally, there are more reasons why you should visit this city. Probably, you will (or already have) your own. I’ll come back to Prague for sure. Will you? :)