3 lessons I’ve learned from traveling

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I’m no big traveler (yet) and I hope that more is ahead of me not behind me. However, my recent trips during the last few years have changed my attitude towards the world and I want to share it. Recent events inspired me to put your thoughts into words.

This blog was initially created for the purpose of presenting stunning photos and stories from all around the world, but this is also my little space that I own on the Internet. So I’m going to use it to share my view now. I will not reinvent the wheel with the following points, but in today’s reality I think it’s good to remind some people about it.

We are all the same, but different

150330015528You might have been born in Poland, Thailand or on a tiny island in the middle of Pacific Ocean, but you are still the same human being as all the other people in the world. We all want to achieve our goals, lead a charmed life and be happy in general. We all have ambitions whether it’s visiting all the countries in the world, starting a family or being the word’s champion in a specific field. What’s more, we all share similar qualities regardless our nationality, religion or political views. We belong to the same species and we have all been given the amazing gift of empathy, emotions, creative thinking and consciousness. These qualities separate us from animals and make us humans.

DSC_0707On the other hand, out of over 7 billion people in the world, every person is unique. We have different roots, beliefs, interests and characters. Those things that differentiate us do not make us good or bad people, but the deeds do. Distinct characteristics that we possess actually make the world colorful and intriguing. It’d be deadly boring if each individual was exactly the same in every respect. That’s why meeting new people is one of the most developing activity you can do.

Karma exists

What goes around comes around. You might not believe there is something like karma, bad or good luck, but actually there is some kind of great power that always aims at keeping a balance in the world. Negative energy sent into the space will always come back to you and very often with greater force. This is how the world works. You might have learned it on Physics classes or from the history. Every action leads to a reaction. If a person DSC_8007creates a movement against a case, there will be a one who will form a movement for that case. You probably know lots of those “cases” so put your own example in the quotation marks.

Naturally, it usually does not work literally and instantly. It’s not like you donate to charity today and get a pay rise tomorrow. The world is much more complex as you’ve probably noticed. However, if you start to be more attentive to all the things that surround you will spot a cause-and-effect relationship. Try to see the bigger picture.

And I know that today’s world is full of unjustified harm. Neither can I solve this mystery, but I’m sure that taking negative actions won’t change things for better. Making good deeds can, though. So try to think about karma next time you’re about to send some negativity to the world.

Despite different views we can still make friends

DSC_1218When I was a teen I used to think that there are some types of people that I could never get along with. This mostly resulted from prejudices, that I later found out had nothing to do with a reality. If you judged me by Polish stereotypes, I’d be a racist, heavy drinker, negative, moaner, introvert and committed catholic. None of these (OK, maybe except for the second one) describes my personality.

Today I know that you can communicate with anyone as long as both sides want to. Naturally, a relation will always depend on the things that you have in common or the things that complement each other. However, I don’t believe that someone’s opinion about traveling differs from mine. We still can have beer together and chat about Friends sitcom. We have our own values, priorities, interests and tastes, so accept that. Naturally, there is one more condition that has to be met. Your views cannot harm other people. There are ground moral rules effective throughout the world that we cannot break.

Go travel the world

The world in the 21st century is complicated enough, so don’t make it even more problematic. Keep calm and go travel the world!