21 Visual Reasons To Visit Poland

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I have neglected my blog recently. Apparently I have traveled more in the past few weeks than had time to spare and to catch up with my photos. Before I dig myself out of a pile of photos from the past trips, I want to share some beautiful shots from places that are much closer to my heart.

Poland, the country where I was born, is one of the most underestimated travel destinations in this part of the world. It is beautiful, richly varied, full of mysterious and magical places. Thus, if you skip Poland when traveling to Central Europe, you’re making a huge mistake. I am going to show you just a tiny part of what the country has to offer. You decide if it’s worth it or not.


The city situated in the North Poland and together with two other ones (Gdynia and Sopot) they constitute so-called 3city. With the access to the sea and charming old town Gdansk offers plenty of activities.DSC_1011 DSC_1015 DSC_1009 DSC_1010


It’s a must. Considered the most charming city in Poland. Personally, I have visited it plenty of times and hopefully I will come back. It is located in the south of Poland.

DSC_4911 DSC_4914 DSC_4899 DSC_4913



Small, lovely city in the east of Poland with quaint old city. I guess it is the most dynamically developing city in the country from the cultural point of view. Every year, it hosts dozens of events, which take place especially in the summertime – best season to visit Lublin.

DSC_4996 DSC_4986

DSC_5003 DSC_4997

Tatra Mountains

The highest and the most picturesque mountain range in the country. It offers plenty of trails for beginners, intermediate and experience hikers. P1040408 P1040144 P1040173 100_6480 P1040492 P1040412 P1040123


More landscapes from Poland and other countries coming soon :) Stay tuned!

What would you visit first in Poland? Leave a comment!

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