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50 Faces of Thailand – The Land of Smiles

/ March 24, 2016/ Asia, People & Culture, Thailand/ 0 comments

There is a reason why people call Thailand “the Land of Smiles”. Thais always keep their positive attitude towards life. They smile and laugh a lot, passing their enthusiasm on visitors. That’s why I love taking portraits of Thai people as they always look good on pics. Here is a compilation of 50 portraits I took in Thailand during my 3-month trip.

12 Thai Foods That You Must Try in Thailand

/ March 14, 2016/ Asia, Thailand/ 0 comments

Thailand is famous for one of the best cuisines in the world. The balance between various flavors and different aromatic ingredients makes Thai food special. The country is a paradise for all the foodies around the world, so a post about best dishes I’ve had here cannot be missing. Here is the compilation of the most popular (and my favorite) foods from Thailand.

Erawan Waterfalls in the National Park – Little Paradise

/ March 8, 2016/ Asia, Thailand, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

Erawan National Park is famous for its seven waterfalls that attract crowds every day. Many toruists frequent there to take a little hike up to the highest waterfall and swim in clear blue water at each level. The park has rich wildlife however except for lizards and fish you will not see many animals around the waterfalls area. This magical place is one of my favorite spots in Thailand so far where I can actively spend my day and chill out in the nature. As it is also close to Bangkok, you can go there for a one-day escapade to escape noisy urban life.