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Travel Norway on a Shoestring Budget

/ June 8, 2015/ Europe, Norway, Travel Journal/ 0 comments

I guess I am doing something wrong when it comes to travelling. My budget is quite tight and I really need to start putting my money aside, so I should wisely choose destinations that fit to my financial situation. But no. I chose Norway – the most expensive country in Europe, where you spend insanely huge amount of money on literally everything. If that was not enough, I went to the most expensive city in the country, which makes my behavior even more illogical. Stavanger happens to be the center of the oil industry in Norway, so already high prices are even more pushed up. Many of my friends who have visited Norway before me claimed that you cannot really save up on anything. The only way is not to spend at all. But unless you want to spend the whole trip at the airport it’s impossible. Thus, I was prepared for the worst. It was not that bad though. Altogether the 3-day trip cost me around $130.