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Iceland – a Country With More Rainbows Than People [4]

/ October 31, 2014/ Europe, Iceland, Travel Journal/ 2 comments

This is going to be the very last part of this set of photos. However, it is my favourite one, as it includes one of the most amazing things, I’ve ever experienced in my life. What was that? You will probably figure it out when you see the picture, which in fact cannot reflect the real beauty of this phenomenon even in one percent. Every journey has its beginning and has to come to an end. So did this one, but the ending was the best I could have ever imagined – magical as the whole Iceland.

Iceland – a country with more rainbows than people [1]

/ October 10, 2014/ Europe, Iceland, Travel Journal/ 2 comments

Iceland is always a good idea. Iceland is an amazing country for plenty of reasons and during my one-week stay there I only experienced a small percentage of it. I think that human life is too short to see everything there and what is more, this unique landscape changes incessantly so every time you visit one place it differs somehow. This is the country between two continents where you find active volcanos, countless waterfalls, colorful rainbows, hot springs, hills covered with moss, geysers, northern lights and massive glaciers. A lot of space, wildlife and pure nature are also included.